Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown is a Medieval Fantasy city builder that forces you to make dire decisions that ensure the survival of your kingdom and the people you lead.

Volition is a valuable tool in your inventory as you build your city, shape the land and fortify it as you see fit. Burdened by the weight of your decisions, a seemingly trivial choice can shape your legacy and determine if you’re a soulless tyrant or a fair and just monarch.

Will your kingdom merely survive, or do you have the resilience and dedication to make it THRIVE?

Coming to:


  • Defend your castle in epic real time battles

  • Explore the new world

  • Random encounters

  • Harsh survival mechanics

  • Build your own fortified city

  • Multiple unique play styles depending on how you play and the choices you make

  • Advanced Weather system

  • Modding Support

  • Day / night cycle affects kingdoms and the population

Additional Features after
initial game release:

  • Multiplayer

  • Family lineage tech tree

  • Multiple heroes to select from each with unique kingdom bonuses and play style

  • Attacking enemy kingdoms npc and human players

  • Online servers with shared community

  • Manage more than one kingdom within the same world

  • Updated, more advanced world map

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Grace and Justice
Intimidation and Fear
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